Everybody Loves an Upgrade
Clamping Solutions Breathe New Life into Your Existing Press Brake

Like any tool used in fabrication, your press brake’s bending surface gets scratched, dinged and uneven with time and use.

One way to return the brake to its former glory is to pay upwards of $12,000 to get the beams reground. But grinding the brake is like remodeling your kitchen with the same 1990’s refrigerator you had before. Why not upgrade it with the latest technology?

To fast-track your existing brake into the modern era, install a clamping system. Clamps not only make the work surfaces smooth and harder than before, they boost it with some of the most advanced, time-saving features you can’t get from a standard beam.

See some of the top clamping systems and the benefits they offer:

Express Rail

Express Rail: The “Porsche” of clamps, for lightning-speed clamping with all the top features

  • Power Source: Hydraulic, triggered by a wireless push-button that clamps and seats simultaneously
  • Bonus Features: Could give you more open height in your brake and a renewed working surface
  • Why you should get it? You do a lot of tool changes and/or the upper and lower beams could use a new working surface
  • Machine Types: All press brakes
  • Compatible Tooling: WT and American with a grooved tang

Express Air

Express Air: The “jet aircraft” of clamps for flexible and fast set-ups with a clean, low cost power source

  • Power Source: Standard shop air engaged by a wireless push button or flipped switch
  • Bonus Features: Sectionalized front AND back clamping for flexible bending
  • Why you should get it? You do numerous set ups and need versatility in the use of a punch holder for box bending and clamp plate removal for clearance.
  • Machine Types: European Z1 and Z2 as well as American
  • Compatible Tooling: European

Express Crowning: The auto-pilot die holder. You calibrate the perfect “crown” to control deflection and it bends parts straight consistently without having to tinker.

Express Crowning

  • Power Source: choice of manual set screw or hydraulic die holding; manual crank or electric crowning
  • Other Features: Offers macro AND micro adjustment to get the perfect crown
  • Why you should get it? You bend parts over 4’ that end up with a bowed appearance unless you shim the beam to counteract deflection.
  • Machine Types: All press brakes
  • Compatible Tooling: American or WT

Express Clamps: The thoroughbred”. The fastest muscle-powered clamping system available.

Express Clamps

  • Power Source: manual push-lever
  • Other Features: Front AND rear clamping with easy removal
  • Why you should get it? You want to substantially speed setups but you’re not ready to make the leap to a machine-powered option. Incredibly efficient without using hydraulics.
  • Machine Types: American, Trumpf, European Z1 and Z2
  • Compatible Tooling: European


Interested in boosting your brake and speeding your flow? 
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From an Art Project to a Science
Radius Bending Doesn’t Need to be All Trial and Error — Here Are Some Ways to Make it More Predictable…

Radius Bending

From the moment you take a steel pipe and weld it to a bar to make a DIY radius tool, you know you’re in for a long process of trial and error to get the right bend. When you order a radius tool from a tooling provider, you want the process to be more precise.

We understand that, and have extensive experience with radius bending that can help you get the bend you want the first time you try it.

Here are some considerations we keep in mind when designing a radius tool:

  1. Springback: Every application involves some, and radius bends can be the hardest to predict. To figure out how much springback your application will get, our team uses its 35 years of company experience to reliably predict the outcome prior to shipping the tool.
  2. Part Finish: Is the finished part an external piece? Then it likely can’t have material marking. There are various ways to prevent material marking on a radius bend, like precision ground tooling, surface enhancements, design qualities and protective materials.
  3. Tonnage: Without considering tonnage, you might be getting into an unsafe situation or one that can damage your materials. By taking into account the length of the bend, material type and tool design, we can determine how much tonnage you will need to make the bend, and whether your machine and tooling can handle it.
  4. Complexity of Bend: The formula R + MT x 2.2 = V will help us determine if a standard tool will give you the results you want, or if a custom tool is the ideal fit. If this is a high-volume part run and an especially challenging bend, you may want to consider a specially-made tool with a guaranteed outcome.

Radius bending isn’t a one-person job. It’s a team effort, and we look forward to helping you find the ideal solution to get the most consistent results.

Explore more radius bending solutions here.

A More Efficient Operation is Within Reach

Introducing the NEW Xtreme Storage Cabinet, the vertically organized press brake storage solution for more efficient storage and safer access.

Xtreme Storage Cabinet
  • Vertical configuration of the drawers is the most ergonomic layout available for loading and unloading — no more bending over the drawers to pull tooling from the back of the cabinet
  • Drawers hold large amounts of tooling with easy drawer movement
  • Easy tool visibility and identification
  • Your choice of 3 or 5 drawer models available

Do you think your shop could benefit from the NEW Xtreme Storage Cabinet? Find out more today!

Staged Tooling

Watch How Staged Tooling Speeds Setups

 Complex bends take time and require multiple setups. Staged tooling allows multiple bends with one setup, so you can fly through complex jobs. Tooling arrives pre-staged and ready to install. No shims, risers or multiple setups required.

Fabricators Hone Bending Skills

Training at Fox Valley

Last month, Wilson Tool hosted a free press brake training event at Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh, Wisconsin the focused on improving bending workflow. Topics included:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Bending
  • Punch and die selection
  • Special tooling
  • Lean ideas for laser guarding

The sessions were led by representatives from Cincinnati Inc., Lazersafe, Greenheck Corp., Solidworks and Wilson Tool.

Fox Valley Technical College is a state-of-the-art training facility for welding and sheet metal. Its fabrication facility houses three press brakes — two of which are new Maxform brakes from Cincinnati inc, and all tooling is precision ground from Wilson Tool. 

Wilson Tool was proud to partner with these first-class companies and facility for this event. 100% of responding attendees said they would probably or definitely recommend the event to others.

For all upcoming training events from Wilson Tool, keep an eye on our Events page.

Save the Date!

On-Demand Bending Webinars

You don’t have to save the date… our webinars are available on-demand! Visit wilsontool.com anytime to view our on-demand press brake webinars today.

Some of our most popular webinars include:

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Upcoming Bending Webinar

Stay tuned for a free webinar exploring a press brake related topic this October. Keep an eye on wilsontool.com/Events for more information.