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It’s all about keeping the machine running. Minimizing downtime between tool changes exponentially improves efficiency and profitability, regardless of the application. In some cases, tools need regular changing or require frequent trips to the grinder, causing operators to halt production in favor of a cumbersome tool swap. Perhaps a new approach is in order.

For most applications, a headed punch made from quality tool steel is the workhorse punch that can’t be beat; the industry standard. Jobs that require frequent tool changes, however, are at the mercy of lengthy down times, and are better served with a different kind of tool.

Ball lock tooling from Wilson Tool International delivers accuracy and a streamlining effect to your stamping operations. With ball lock tooling, you reduce downtime during tool change by allowing punches to be released and reinstalled accurately, in an instant.

Typically implemented during the design phase, ball lock tooling is an investment that pays for itself over and over. Read this article to learn more about ball lock tooling from Wilson Tool International.


HP Accu-Lock Retainer and Inserts

HP Accu-Lock® Special Retainer Inserts offer a new standard DIY tooling. Now, retainers can be made and modified on site and on demand with HP Accu-Lock®.

Not only can you create special retainers in house, the HP Accu-Lock system allows you to modify and reuse existing retainers. Punches are held securely in place with a straight-line machined hole that can easily be created in-house.

HP Accu-Lock tooling simplifies the use of special retainers by eliminating the need for complicated jigs, inspection fixtures and specialized knowledge to machine ball holes into the punch plate.

Visit to learn more about the HP Accu-Lock system or contact a tooling technician now.


Mistakes happen, but when they reoccur it can result in poor quality and added costs. Through creating a Quality at the Source culture, you reduce the number of errors and eliminate defects.

Quality at the Source

What is Quality at the Source?

  • Clear, defined quality standards
  • Problems are visually identifiable
  • Fully developed standard work expectations
  • Cross-trained employees able to identify concerns
  • Employees responsible for the inspection of their own work
  • Work stops to take corrective action when needed

Utilizing a kaizen event will help identify areas that can benefit from implementing Quality at the Source process. View this webinar to learn more about the kaizen process.


Wilson Tool Shot Show Booth

It was back to Vegas for the 2020 SHOT Week Supplier Showcase! Once again, The Venetian Las Vegas played gracious host to a bustling, energetic show! SHOT Show, the nation’s largest event for professionals in the hunting and outdoor sporting industry, has a reputation for being a lively event.

Wilson Tool International was on-hand at Booth 52312, exhibiting our defense tooling. Among our showcased tooling was our bunter tooling and ultra-tough draw punches that see millions of hits. The 2020 SHOT Show did not disappoint, proving to be a fun and productive event. 

As always, we were so glad we had the opportunity to speak with old colleagues and to make new connections. Big thanks to the Venetian Las Vegas for once again delivering a terrific tradeshow; we can’t wait to do it again next year!


Cheree Geisler Headshot

After growing up in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Cheree Geisler headed north to earn her college degree. While attending Bemidji State University with her high school sweetheart, Cheree began to forge her career in human resources.

The beginning of Cheree’s career path saw an H.R. management role at Target, as well as a position with a small electrical company, where she “handled contracts, safety, insurance, even some billing…,” in addition to her human resources duties. “You have to wear a lot of hats in a small business,” Cheree remembers with a smile.

Working on a team, specifically her Wilson Tool team in Human Resources, has become a source of inspiration for Cheree. “I love having the opportunity to work with individuals that are more experienced than myself so I can soak in whatever they have to offer.” In her short time with the team at Wilson Tool, Cheree has proven to be an asset in her own right.

Cheree and her husband, Mike have a cabin on the lake in Brainerd, Minnesota. They enjoy kayaking and hiking their secluded acreage, as they work to build their dream home by the lake.


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