Tablet with Flashing

Check out this three part article that takes an in-depth look at common compression and flashing issues. In this question and answer style piece, Wilson Tool’s Mike Beyl, Tablet Tooling Specialist, tackles tableting issues seen by many manufactures, offering innovative solutions and workarounds. Click the links below to read the full article.  

Part 1: What causes protrusions around the edge of tablets after compression, and how can I prevent this from occurring?
See how investing in a setting tool can save you time and money while facilitating more precise and consistent tool installations and changes.

Part 2: How does proper tooling design help minimize flashing?
Maintaining proper alignment while the right amount of torque is applied is a delicate balance. Use an interchangeable setting tool to align the dies and apply pre-torque by rotating the setting tool within the turret guideway in the direction of turret rotation.

Part 3: How does good tooling-handling and maintenance methods reduce flashing?
Standard, periodic, preventive maintenance (PM) scheduled as part of your standard operating procedures ensures healthy tooling. Create maintenance schedules for your tooling, optimized for the application they’re running. Regular maintenance and proper handling really can’t be beat!


Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day 2019 proved to be yet another productive and fun event at Wilson Tool International.

On October 4th, 2019, Wilson Tool played host to 136 attendees from local government, businesses and 7 area schools. This year’s group impressed with their enthusiastic and informed attitudes toward the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Day is annual outreach event put on by Wilson Tool International, that aims to spark intrigue in the next generation of toolmakers, fabricators and engineers. After a classroom style presentation, given in part by Wilson Tool President, Chris Lawless, students and attendees were invited to take an in-depth tour of our production facilities. Tour leaders gave students a well-rounded image of what a career in manufacturing might look like. And of course, no Manufacturing Day would be complete without a pizza lunch!

MFG Day Logo

A huge thanks to our internal staff who took on Manufacturing Day and provided everyone with a fantastic and memorable event.

Learn more about Manufacturing Day here.


Andy Shadrick

As a senior in high school in Davenport, IA, Andy Shadrick took part in a vocational program that focused on preparing participants for a career in manufacturing. After graduation, Andy went headfirst into the industry.

“My father was a machinist and I followed in his footsteps…”

In November 1977, Andy began his career with J.I. Case Company in Rock Island, IL the same place his father worked and would eventually retire from. After the shop he was working for was acquired by Wilson Tool International, Andy found himself in White Bear Lake, MN, in 2018. Along with Andy came the machines he’d been operating for nearly 20 years, machines he operates to this day.

With decades in the industry, Andy has seen his share of changes in shop operations over the years. “Back when I started, the machines were controlled with a tape…now we’re quite a few years into computer-controlled machines.”

When he’s not making quality parts at Wilson Tool International, Andy enjoys hunting, fishing, and woodworking, adding, “I have a CNC router, something I got into a few years back to give me something to look forward to in retirement.” Andy has been a wonderful addition to the Wilson Tool team; we’re glad to have his talents at work in the tableting division.


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